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Sunday, June 5, 2016

27 Things I Could Be Doing (instead of completing my gradate degree)

This is all because I am getting so close to completion.  Come graduation next year I very well may, in fact, be insane.

1.  Take a class on Philosophy.

2.  Clean my upstairs office porch.

3.  Learning how to play the guitar.

4.  Learning to speak Italian.

5.  Assembling a Space 1999 Eagle Transporter scale model.

6.  Digging a new electrical line to our garage.

7.  Writing more.

8.  Learning how to edit video files.

9.  Going on a few photography mini-vacations.

10. Organizing all of my physical photographs.

11. Cleaning out and organizing all of my audio files.

12. Digitizing most of my CDs.

13. Cleaning my home office on something of a regular basis.

14. Ripping out all of the old railroad ties the former owners used for landscaping (aka Termite hotels).

15. Going for more walks with my lovely wife.

16. Reading.  For pleasure.  

17. Cleaning my truck.  More often than just once.

18. Going to the gym every freak'n day.

19. Going through what seems like 87 empty boxes in the attic.

20. Stripping wallpaper (because I really do want to ruin my sense of smell).

21. Replacing the lattice under the front porch.

22. Putting up lattice under the back deck.

23. Installing an electrical outlet on the front porch.

24. Going on a long bike ride.

25. Upgrading the downstairs desktop PC.

26. Going to church more often.

27. Actually consider interacting with other humans on a social basis.*

(*) Just kidding.  I'm not actually planning on doing that.

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