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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Random Bites of Hard Reality (Road Apples, #168)

If you are looking to food for comfort, well then you're going to be horribly disappointed...starting at about 2 minutes after you've finished eating.

Every Presidential candidate is flawed...because all humans are flawed; we need to adjust our expectations.

Scranton has a structural budget deficit because it spends too much money...both in the past and now.

Competition in the healthcare system is a great concept that falls apart in the face of reality; next time you have a heart attack try shopping for the highest quality doctor who charges the lowest reasonable price.

If you employ a child molester and you protect that person from prosecution that makes you an accessory to a very serious crime...regardless of your title (*cough* "bishop" *cough*).

If something has value it's worth paying and sacrificing included (granted that sacrifice shouldn't be the monetary equivalent of a small home in Dupont).

Sometimes the best friend you can have is a furry one who never says a word.

Religion relies on faith, but faith doesn't rely on religion.

Any financial solution that relies on selling things (be they possessions or sewer authorities) is doomed to fail simply because at some point there will no longer be things remaining to sell.

If you want a completely unbiased media you'll first have to find completely unbiased human beings to run it...and good luck with that one.

Anyone who earns a commission selling your things (be they appliances, cars or financial services) is first going to look out for their own financial interest...the trick is to find out where that interest intersects with your interests.

One hundred years from now someone will still be singing "Hey Jude"...and a Fetty Wap will be a deli sandwich.

Healthcare may not be a right, but just try and live without it.

Employers who have employees in labor unions no doubt did something to deserve it.

Hunter S. Thompson was right:  The truth is never told between 9 and 5 business hours.

The only person responsible for your happiness is you.

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