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Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 Things I Do Not Understand

In no particular order, for no particular reason.

1.  Loyalty to an employer
Seems an odd item to list by someone who as worked for the same company for 26 years, but it's true.  In point of fact my employer could very well kick me out to the curb tomorrow, a fact which I have to live with every day I go to work.  The concept is called "employment at will".  So why am I still there?  Simple:  At this point I want to be.  Any loyalty I have is for my co-workers, colleagues and people I in real people...not some amorphous thing that the Supreme Court has designated as a "person".

2.  Breast Implants (and other assorted body modifications)
I know, another odd choice, but so be it.  Look, I don't think people should, in the absence of some kind of need/desire for reconstructive surgery, have to alter their bodies in order to fit into some societal version of what's considered attractive.  Put another way, if someone's self-image relies on getting some part(s) modified, then I'm kinda thinking there might be some larger issues afoot.

3.  Discrimination
Humans are built to discriminate.  It's in our genetic code to seek and hang out with people who are like us.  Thousands of years ago it was called a "tribe"; now days it's likely a country club or the state of Indiana's legislature.  Regardless, we now no longer need to huddle with those like us for food and safety.  We have evolved to the point where discrimination is no longer needed, so treating people differently just because they are different than us is, well, just plain stupid.

4.  Abusing Animals
I don't get it, and for the record, I avoid stepping on worms after a rainstorm.  Why would anyone harm a creature other than in the most extreme case of self-defense?  I am particularly disturbed by the abuse of cats and dogs.  Both only want their human owners to love them.  Oh, and one other thing:  Anyone capable of abusing a cat or a dog is just as likely to abuse another person.

5.  Willful Ignorance
It's one thing to be unaware, but it's another to make the conscious decision to be unaware.  Yes, in point of act there are many things I don't know, but that's only because I'm busy at any given time learning different things.  Learn whatever excites or interests you, but just make sure you are learning something...all the time...until the day you die.

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