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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Please Support Friends of Lackawanna

To the very best of my knowledge I have never, in the over 8 years this blog has existed, asked anyone to support a particular cause.  Well, that changes today.

If you are able, I urge anyone residing in Northeastern Pennsylvania to consider supporting the group Friends of Lackawanna and their opposition to the creation of "Mount Trashmore" in the borough of Dunmore.  You can find out more about Friends of Lackawanna at...

...their website,

...and their Facebook page,

This is more than just the creation of a garbage mountain in a borough or two, by the way.

This truly is a case of "David vs. Goliath", with Goliath being a landfill owner that has had far too much influence on politics and policy in all of NEPA for far too long.  This is precisely why I strongly believe that every little bit of support is needed to help Friends of Lackawanna fight the creation of an actual mountain made of garbage.

Our parents and grandparents and their parents may have had to allow generations of business interests to pretty much do whatever the Hell they wanted to both the residents of NEPA and our land, but it has to end.  History can not be allowed to repeat itself time and time again.  It's time for residents of NEPA to say "enough is enough!".  We shouldn't be content with the theory that laying down for interests such as those owning the landfill will somehow provide for some small benefit that will trickle to the rest of us.  That didn't work so well back in the coal mining days, and it surely will not work now.

So, please consider taking a stand against the creation of Mount Trashmore.

If that support is financial, well then that's great.

If you don't have the money to spare, then consider writing to the Department of Environmental Protection to voice your opposition to expansion of the landfill.  Also consider contacting your local elected representatives and letting them know that the coal baron days...and their modern day equivalent...are over.  Information on contacting the Pennsylvania DEP, as well as local representatives, can be found on the Friends of Lackawanna website.

Thank You.

Steve Albert
West Pittston, PA

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