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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Voter #39, West Pittston, PA

In my adult life, I've only failed to vote in just two elections, and I'm glad to report today did not add to that list.  A few random, but related, thoughts -

  • Tom Corporate - Doing my part to send Tom Corbett home.  He can "just close his eyes" on election evening when the results start coming in.
  • Rick Santorum - It's too bad Rick Santorum isn't running for anything, as I always enjoy not voting for Pennsylvania's most smug politician.  Wait, isn't he now Maryland's most smug politician now?  I lose track...
  • Bob Mellow John Blake - Sadly, since I've moved I don't get to vote against convicted criminal Bob Mellow's hand picked successor, John Blake.  It's amazing how a man can hold a seat in the Pennsylvania Senate, represent NEPA, and yet manage to NOT get involved in some of the most pressing issues facing the area.  For example, I've never heard Senator Mellow offer any suggestions as to how the largest city in his district, Scranton, can get out of it's perpetual fiscal pickle; no, Senator Blake is apparently happy sitting at arm's length, instead touting his "values" in campaign literature.  
  • Tom Wolf - I'll confess that Tom Wolf doesn't excite me very much as a candidate, but that's okay.  He was far more tolerable than some of the other Democratic contenders.  Note to (hopefully future Governor) Wolf:  You'll have to deal with the pension crisis, and if you want to actually solve it, you'll end up making some of your union friends unhappy.  Welcome to public service.
  • Democrats - will likely lose the U.S. Senate, due mainly to the establishment wing of the GOP keeping the Tea Baggers at bay during the primary election.  Good for them!  Maintaining the status quo (divided Congress, Democratic President) wasn't getting anything done anyway.
  • Republicans - will actually have to try and govern.  No more running against Harry Reid boys and girls.  Also, presidential primary posturing is sure to incite the Tea Bagger loonies, so it's not a given the the GOP will have anything near a united front in Congress, even with majorities in both chambers.
Lastly, I'd really like to find out where all of that "gambling revenue will eliminate property taxes" money went.  Since just about everyone running for the state legislature had eliminating property taxes as a top priority, maybe something will actually get done (excuse me for a moment while I laugh myself into a seizure).

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