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Sunday, November 16, 2014

My comment made to the blog "Another Voice"

Refer to THIS POSTING on the blog Another Voice:  Reflections about Contemporary Catholic Belief and Practice.

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This is an easy one: When your compelling reason to believe is acceptance of a bunch of rules simply because (mostly) older white guys wearing funny hats say you have to obey the rules…as opposed to providing a positive, compelling reason to have faith…then of course there will be disenchantment. This isn't 1900 anymore, and younger folks have access to a wide variety of ideas and opinions when it comes to many thing, including faith.
Now I know faith shouldn't be like buying mustard at the supermarket (i.e. you “buy” the cheapest or the nicest tasting), but nor should it be about “we said it should be this way…because we’re Bishops and we say so” either. There are real, compelling reason to have faith in Christ and His Church, but sadly, much of that gets lost in a sea of regimentation, rules, and social issue bantering that sounds (especially to younger folks) more like HATE than it does FAITH. Having religious leaders saying that someone who is gay suffers from being “inherently disordered” precisely proves my point. Where is the evidence of FAITH and COMPASSION in that kind of statement?
Just my two cents.
Love the blog by the way.
Steve Albert
West Pittston, PA

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