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Sunday, November 23, 2014

10 Reasons Why There Is Nothing Funny About Clowns.

I don't like clowns, and I sure as heck don't find them funny.  What's to like?
  1. They have pale faces.  Pale, as in white.  Pale as in dead.
  2. They have blood red lips.
  3. They have disorganized, stringy hair.
  4. They have freakishly big feet.
  5. They come up to you, invading your personal space.
  6. They are either way too happy or way too sad.  Manic depression anyone?
  7. They sometimes appear in "clown gangs".
  8. They have red noses:  Tumor or raging alcoholism?
  9. They have an almost unnatural attraction to children.
  10. They wear extremely baggy clothes, no doubt hiding things (like balloon animals and meat cleavers).

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