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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri

Just three thoughts:

  1. "He might have stolen cigars cigars" as an allegation simply doesn't justify the death penalty.  Now did he beat that police officer within an inch of his life?  That could change the narrative.  Regardless, can we PLEASE STOP DEMONIZING BOTH individuals until an actual investigation has concluded?  
  2. "That poor boy was shot so I need to steal a 52 inch flat screen TV."  When you write it out it makes even less sense.  Note to file:  it's still looting, even if an innocent person was shot.  Please, no one complain in ten years about the lack of jobs and businesses in Ferguson, MO.  
  3. "These people don't..." and "Those people don't..." Note to file:  Whenever someone, you know, like Bill O'Reilly*, starts a sentence like that it's actually code for "[Insert minority name] don't...".  This is coming from a man who flies into a rage at the mere mention of the word loafah; just think what HE WOULD DO if the police were racially profiling well-dressed, angry white guys?

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(*) Actual quote can be found HERE.

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