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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Power & My Garage

Two things I learned today:

Power -
Like most older homes, the electrical wiring in our "new" house is, shall we say, "interesting".  Case in point:  we have a circuit breaker that will not re-set, which means that an odd collection of outlets and lights on our second floor will not work.  In our bedroom, for example, one of two wall lights is not working.  Now if I had been living here for a while, I could probably track down where there was short in the circuit and fix it and/or test the breaker and simply replace it.  However, given that my experience here is all of about 4 months, I've decided that the best course of action, after trying some obvious things, is to call an electrician.  Better safe than fried (or burned...which I have the coal stove for anyway).

My Garage -
Know what else is on the non-functional electrical circuit?  That would be, of all things, our garage door opener.  Oh, and this is the same garage that has no other door to it (well there is, but it was boarded & covered up by the looks of it years ago).  And no, we can't see to get the door to open via battery back-up, so we are locked out of our own garage.  Good thing it's just lawn care stuff in there at the moment.  By the looks of things outside at the moment, there won't be a lot of grass cutting going on for a while anyway.

So what to do?  Well, kinda-sorta in order:
  1. Get the electrical problem solved.  A professional is needed for this job, if for no other reason than the fact that it would be shame for the house to burn down 4 months into owning it.
  2. Actually put a door onto the side of the garage.  I can do that one myself, which involves all manner of tools and cutting things.  Heck, I can even use my 25th anniversary Porter-Cable multi-tool.
  3. Figure out how the battery back-up on the garage door works.  That may take some time, and actually getting into the garage would help.
Now all of this could certainly be cause for distress, but I have to thank the Lord for blessing me with Ms Rivers, as she is very cool under pressure.

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