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Thursday, March 27, 2014

I am declaring Winter officially over

 For what it's worth, my declarations, plus $1.00, will get you a copy of the Scranton Times.

Anyway, enough of Winter already.  Enough already!

No more single digit mornings.

No more slippery intersections on Main Street in Duryea during my morning drive to work.

No more warming the car up in the morning.

No more "damn, it's cold outside" when I leave work.

No more false sense of hope as you see the bright sun but then get blasted with a cold wind.

No more "it's really too cold to go out for a walk" on the weekends.

No more of it all I tell you, no more!

I want 50+ degree days.

I want rains to come and wash all the crud that Winter left behind.

I want to leave my home office door open and feel a nice warm breeze.

I want to plan weekend activities that don't involve bundling up.

I want to be to be able to travel for business and not have to worry about snow.

I want to ride my bike.

I want to clean out and organize the garage.

I want to rake up the 2 years worth of leaves in my back yard.

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