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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thoughts on Governor Chris Christie

(Photo from the State of New Jersey website)

In general, I like Governor Christie.  He comes across as a hard-nosed kind of guy, but we need more of that in elected officials.  Give me someone who is slightly gruff over someone slick any day.

Policies?  I don't know enough about the guy to judge his politics.  I do know that he makes some on the fringe Right nervous, which is a good thing.  Between that and upsetting those of the far Left, he must be doing something, well, "right".

I find the media's obsession with his weight to be shameful.  We get it.  He's heavy.  He's fat.  Heck, maybe he even smells like bacon fat.  Can we move on already?  When last I checked, waist size has no correlation to ability to govern.  In a media obsessed by looks, I find his looks refreshing, as imperfection is something we all can relate to.

Is he a bully?  Well when someone has to say publicly that "I am not a bully", it generally means that, well, they probably are a bully.  Bullies can be reformed though.  Maybe the butt-kicking he continues to endure from "bridgegate" will help in his reformation.

Speaking of "bridgegate", deflecting by talking about some other scandal involving Democrats is stupid.  Just deal with the issue at hand.  The George Washington bridge has nothing to do with an embassy attack in Libya.  Linking the two stinks of pathetic desperation.  If Governor Christie has been honest with the residents of New Jersey he has nothing to worry about.  If he did know about the bridge closing before all of this blew up then his goose is cooked.  American's only tolerate slick liars.  As noted above, Governor Christie isn't slick.

I hope Governor Christie weathers the storm.  I also hope he runs for President in 2016.

The 2012 GOP presidential roster was a loose connection of fringe candidates (see Rick Santorum) and a guy that mostly only Scrooge McDuck and C. Montgomery Burns could relate to; no wonder they lost to a man who really isn't qualified to be President...but is...and not only that, got elected twice.  That says more about the Republican candidates than it does Barack Obama.  The GOP needs Chris Christie as a presidential candidate, if for no other reason than to prove that most Republican voters really aren't either toothless hicks or aloof millionaires.  I can't relate to a sanctimonious Rick Santorum or a guy who owns dancing horses and a car elevator.  I think I can relate to Chris Christie, even if I ultimately don't vote for him.

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