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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Road Apples, #140

Wills, Part I...I am finally getting around to having a new "last will and testament" created and filed.  I had thought about doing this on my own, as I did for my advanced directive (a.k.a. Living Will), but the laws in Pennsylvania make the former a bit more dicey of an endeavor.  Luckily, the attorney handing my mother's estate gave me a very good price for my documentation, so he got the nod.  I'm at the draft review stage, and the Executor and back-up have been named (one knows, the other doesn't...and will not know...unless "it" happens).  So far, so good.  I'm only going to have even one minor out of the ordinary item, namely I want a donation made to Penn State Harrisburg (in the event of my demise).  Maybe they can build a bench in my honor.

Wills, Part II...It's something of an interesting study in human behavior as I help work through my mother's estate.  Why she did what she did, in some instances, makes perfectly logical sense.  In other instances?  It almost borders on being cruel.  Regardless, this whole thing is instructive for me, yet another example of what not to do in life, and in death.  We never stop learning from our parents.

F. Scott and Zelda...I've been reading lately about my least favorite author and his wife, a pair that make Khloe and Lamar look like a bunch of Mormon missionaries.  You can get a sample HERE.  Drunken binges, marital infidelity, insane asylums, professional, they had it "all".  For the record, I still have no desire to ever even attempt to read The Great Gatsby.

Marian McPartland...died last month at the age of 95.  I am not a fan of Jazz, but I was a fan of her public radio show "Piano Jazz".  She had a great life's story and a wonderful demeanor, one that came through in all of her interviews.  You can read her AmIAnnoyingOrNot profile HERE.  She was clearly not annoying.

Health News...Last night was the first night I've gotten a decent night's sleep in, well, weeks.  Why I'm having trouble sleeping is beyond me.  Well, truth be told I've always had mostly a hate relationship with sleep for most of my adult life.  It's unproductive and I detest the notion that some folks view sleep as a way to escape from reality.  As someone who can't seem to keep reality out of my head for any stretch of time, I find the concept of hiding from it in bed to be the ultimate expression of "weak". Anyway, even I readily acknowledge that a certain degree of sleep is required for basic human health, and I've been failing in that regard.  Hell, I've even contemplated some kind of "natural" remedy for sleep, but let's hope it doesn't get  to that point.  I am hoping that a combination of eating better, exercising more and trying to screw my head on a bit better may do the trick.  I still hate sleep though.

Blog-O-Versary...I have a 5 year blog-o-versary coming up in October.  Now how to celebrate?

House Hearings on Syria...I watched a bit of the House of Representative hearing on Syria, and was basically disgusted by the fact that many of the Republicans on the panel decided to get in a few Benghazi shots in the grilling of Kerry, Hagel and company.  Not that Democrats would be any better if roles were reversed, mind you.  But what's next?  Maybe we can find a way to tie Food Stamps to Benghazi.  Or maybe the failing Philadelphia School District.  Or unemployment.  Or maybe increasing rates of Autism in children.  Seriously guys, there are times when making political points simply is pointless.  This is one such time  There are enough real issues to discuss and debate about Syria, so let's leave the "gotcha" stuff for talk radio.  For the record, after the GOP Reps got off their Benghazi rants, I actually found their questions and points made to be pretty spot-on.

Sony is my LEAST Favorite Tech the moment.  Why?  Well I accidentally deleted Evernote from my Sony S Tablet, and wouldn't you know, the current version of Evernote will not work with the older version of Android on my tablet.  From what I gather, Sony has no desire to upgrade the tablet either, so now I have a machine that can't run something I got the tablet for in the first place.  Before I declare a total failure I am going to see if Sony can somehow remedy the situation.

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