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Thursday, September 19, 2013

das Haus verlassen, #7

This home sale stuff is interesting and instructive.

Interesting because it's one of those things in life that many of us have to face, but until you actually go through it (or, in my case, are going through it) you really have no idea what it's really like.  It's certainly a process kind of thing, but more so than that, it's a study in patience.  Well it is a study in patience for me at least.  It's one of those things in life that I can say "yes, what has happened up until this point has prepared me for this moment".  I don't make that statement lightly by the way.

Higher powers at work?  Well, as I like to say, answering that question is beyond my pay grade.  Suffice to say I am grateful for all the instructions that life provides, be they in learning how property is marketed (or not necessarily marketed...) and sold or in other things.  I am even more grateful for the opportunity to further exercise the aforementioned patience skills.  I was never a patient person.  Nope, not at all.  I don't think of myself as a "Type A Personality", but those objective (and not so objective) outsiders who have had dealings with me almost universally say that this does describe me.  The words "you're a typical type A..." still ring in my ear during a therapist session back in late 2010.  It also brings back memories of my mother telling me, also back in late 2010, "Steve, you don't like to lose...".  I am not sure I agree, but it's not a good recipe for patience.

Regardless, one of the things you learn when you make a big changes in your life is that patience is a necessary cost of doing business.  It is also a benefit.  At the moment I think I've finally come to the benefit part.

Instructive?  Well see above.  I think that any big change in life affords the opportunity to learn, and if anything I have always tried to learn from the places I find myself in, be they physical or mentally.  That's probably the biggest "gift", if you want to call it that, which I have been blessed with as an attribute (as opposed to the too wonderful to describe gifts of children, a supportive partner, a good job and countless other things that have been added to my life).  While having a smaller nose and better functioning eyes would be nice "gifts" to have, if I had to choose, I'd keep the ability to learn.  Instructions in life mean nothing if you are unwilling to learn from them.

So I am going to continue to exercise patience.  I am going to savor the opportunity to learn.  And hopefully I am going to sell this house.  Soon.

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