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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Your Parents Lied: Monsters Are Real

From this morning's Scranton Times:

Mother & Daughter's Allow Handicapped Brother to Rot to Death

This is one of those times when we are all reminded that some of us aren't nearly as evolved as the rest.

From the article:

"This is the worst case of neglect I've seen the last 26 years," said Lackawanna County District Attorney Andy Jarbola at a press conference Wednesday. "This family, the mother and two sisters, basically let this young man rot to death."

Mostly like at the root of this?   Money.  From the article:

"Family members expressed concern that if they placed Mr. Gensiak in a personal care facility, the financial support they received from his Social Security benefits would dry up."

When you live in a society that GLORIFIES money and possessions, is there any doubt in anyone's mind as to the lengths that some will go to in order to have "stuff"?  Moral failings? Sure, there is an extreme lack of personal morality at work here, but I'd argue that this is a kind of avatar for the society we, collectively, have created.

This poor man's suffering has ended; let's hope that whatever is considered justice here...knowing full well that justice can probably never truly be done in this carried out swiftly.

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