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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I suspect, like most things in life, being a good father isn't something you arrive at all of a sudden in life.  Rather, it's something you strive for, work at, try to do from the moment you become a father until the day you are no longer on this Earth.

What do I think makes good father?  Here are a few random thoughts.  Being a good father is about...

Teaching your children that there is no greater gift in life than that of independence (especially true for daughters).

Not knowing all the answers, but at least being able to ask the right questions.

Not just telling your children that you love them but showing them that you love them as well.

Not just showing your children that you love them but telling them that you love them as well.

Having the courage to tell your children the truth, no matter how painful, especially when it's the truth they don't want to hear.

Finding subtle ways to teach lessons that don't seem like lessons.

Always being respectful...not for what it says about others, but for what it says about you.

Always being a source of optimism & solutions, no matter how grave the circumstances.

Pridefully talking about your children to anyone and everyone who will listen.

Having nicknames for your children (here that Trini-Bug, Stinky and Fen-Fen?).

Driving down the Central Scranton Expressway, in the winter, with the windows down, singing alone to ABBA songs with your daughters.

Demonstrating the value and nobility that is always found in hard work.

Fixing things.

Showing your children that you're never too old to learn.  Intellectual curiosity is a gift that every age should enjoy.

Laughing...a lot.

As painful as it can be, allowing your children to fail, and then being there to help them understand why.

Showing your children that change always provides opportunities.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there who wake up every morning and try and get it right.

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