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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Death for Blogging: What some adtults can learn from a 14 year old girl

I've been following the care of 14 year old Malala Yousafzai, and if you are a blogger you should too.

Article link HERE.

You can also link to excerpts of Malala's blog HERE.

An article on her current condition can be found HERE.

In Pakistan, a 14 year old girl blogs under her own name, risking death at the hands of the Taliban.  Why?  Because she has the courage of her convictions.  Contrast that to so many in the United States...even on local NEPA blogs...who lack the courage to take responsibility for what they write without taking anywhere near the same risks.  I am speaking, of course, about the countless "anonymous" commentators we have on the Internet.

It's amazing the lessons some adults can learn from a child.


Michelle HD said...

Agreed. I was nearly fired for blogging once. Looking back, I would not keep my identity secret. It feels too much like a lie.

Stephen Albert said...

Thanks for the comment Michelle.

I have never blogged or comment on other blogs under any name other than my own. I find it to be an important self-discipline actually: when you "sign" it, it becomes you. If it's not kind...if it is mean-spirited...if it is just ugly...then you are unkind, you are mean-spirited and you are ugly.

- Steve