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Friday, September 28, 2012

NEPA BlogCon

NEPA BlogCon is tomorrow (Saturday, September 29th), and I want to wish the organizers much success with what I know will be an interesting and informative day for all.

You can link the the official BlogCon site HERE.

The idea behind the event is really a fantastic one, particularly for the relatively backwoods-when-it-comes-to-technology area known as Northeastern Pennsylvania.  It also holds promise to elevate the notion of blogging as a form of self-expression. Maybe my opinion is somewhat biased, but I happen to be quite fond of blogging as a form of self-expression.

For the record, this blogger will not be attending.  Yes, I did once tease the organizers by asking...

"Are men allowed to attend?"


"What's with the squirrels?"

...but that was all in good fun.  They did, after all, ask for feedback.

Anyway, my lack of attendance has nothing to do with the quality of the event; instead I am taking a pass at BlogCon simply because...

a) I'm rather beat (lot of long hours/pressure at work, travel, etc.)
b) I am admittedly anti-social
c) I rather like the amateurish nature of my blog, so why risk screwing that up by learning something?

Besides, I'm not steeped in all things Wilkes-Boro, so someone would need to explain to me, for example, what a "Solid Cactus" is (among other things).

I hope the ladies understand.


Karla said...

Come next year, we would have been honored to have your presence. None of those reasons cut it to not attend!

Stephen Albert said...

Well thank you for the personal invitation Karla! Here's to a calmer universe (at least my corner of it) in September '13.