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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Various "How's" and "Why's"

"How can I go forward when I don't know which way I'm facing?"
- John Lennon ("How")

I've been thinking about a few things lately...

How come some folks with good health habits get sick, but yet others who make absolutely no efforts in the health department seems to sail by with hardly any health issues?

Why do some folks think that a two-party state is so different than a one-party state?  Do we honestly think that all the solutions exclusively belong to just Republicans or Democrats?  Seriously, BOTH PARTIES have had multiple shots and neither has done all  that much.  Sorry worshipers of "Saint Ronny" and "Slick Willy".

Why do some men think that they should be able to tell women what they should do with their bodies?

How is it that some seemingly intelligent individuals succumb to poking fun at Mitt Romney's religion and Governor Christie's weight?

Why do I have to pay Comcast $130/month for Internet and the five cable television channels I actually watch?  By my figuring I should owe them about $50/month.

Why is it that some folks think that what George Soros does is wrong but yet what the Koch Brothers do is somehow right? For the record you can reverse the names if you'd like, as it really doesn't matter.

How is it even American to believe that greater tenure always equals greater capability?  Shouldn't people be judged for what they do at work, not for merely showing up to work?

Why is it that JeanLuc the cat only wants to sit on my lap in the mornings?  You know, after I've gotten dressed for work?  For the record he never wants to sit on my lap in the evening when I am wearing grubby shorts and a tee shirt.

Why do we still tolerate racism in 2012?

Why do some people act as if the Founding Fathers were born-again Christians?  If they were, wouldn't "Jesus Christ" be mentioned at least once in either the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence?

How come is it that the older you get, the faster time seems to go by?

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