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Friday, August 17, 2012


It's August 17th and I'm already sick and disgusted with the upcoming Presidential election...and, quite honestly...those who shill for either side.

"Obama is a Socialist!"

"Mitt wears magic underwear!"

"Obama didn't release the records for his grade school vaccinations!"

"Mittens is in bed with the Illuminati and tortures dogs!!

It's all just so utterly stupid.

Oh, and for those who, the place of actually debating issues, simply spout the "fact" from their favorite candidate's latest commercial, I have this to say:

Good Doggie!!!!! 

As for me, I'm done with Mittens and Obama.  I'm done with hyper-partisans.  I'm done with "my guy is great and yours is evil" nonsense.  Now I may... something about Gary Johnson from time to time
...comment on religious attacks directed towards either candidate ("But, but, don't understand's a Meme!!" said the hippster to me, trying in vain to defend the mocking of Mitten's religion, as if making fun of someone else's belief system was somehow okay ONLY if you use a catchy phrase and a neat picture.)

...but that's pretty much it, unless of course I decide to change my mind.  It's my URL after all.

So knock yourselves out fellow bloggers and readers.  Really, go to town.  Go ahead believing what you want to believe, facts and reality be damned.  Spew the latest mock-viral catch phrase that your party demands you spew.  Surrounds yourselves with friends who simply affirm the things that make you comfortable.  Believe that either candidate is really going to change things.

And be good doggies for your respective camps.

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