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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chris Kelly Column, Aug 19 2012 Scranton Times

Once again, The Scranton Times columnist Chris Kelly nails it, in a very big way.

"...but the recovery plan is still a fairy tale"

It must bug the hell out of Janet Evans and her rabid followers that Chris Kelly is telling the simple, unvarnished truth about the farce that is Scranton's "kick the can down the road" non-recovery plan.

Mark my words:  this is going to get worse.

This reminds me of a song, so as something of a long distance dedication (I am in Boston as I write this), this one goes out to Scranton City Council President Janet Evans and Mayor Chris Doherty.  Ms Evans, Mr Doherty, there really is no way to hide from the reality of Scranton's financial mess.

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