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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maybe you can't "Pray the Gay Away" after all.

Article reference HERE.

"But the ex-gay movement has been convulsed as the leader of Exodus, in a series of public statements and a speech to the group’s annual meeting last week, renounced some of the movement’s core beliefs. Alan Chambers, 40, the president, declared that there was no cure for homosexuality and that “reparative therapy” offered false hopes to gays and could even be harmful. His statements have led to charges of heresy and a growing schism within the network."

For the record I don't especially care what anyone thinks of homosexuality.  I really don't.  What people choose to do in their personal relationships is precisely that...their choice...and not mine.  I do, however, draw strong lines in the sand when some try to paint others as somehow being "defective" or undeserving of basic rights (such as the right to survivor's benefits, visitation rights for the ill, medical benefits, etc.) simply because they are different.  There's a word for that:  discrimination.

Given the above, I find the very notion of "pray the gay away" to almost be funny...the "almost" part comes into play because in reality it's not funny when someone paints another as being so defective that they somehow need divine intervention to be "repaired".  Note to file:  if God didn't want gay people He/She wouldn't be creating any of them.


PS - For the record (and in the "pray the gay away" department) Michele Bachmann's husband is the gayest sounding supposedly straight man I've ever heard.

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