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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A little politics, a little vacation

Politics...The presidential election is months away and I'm already sick and tired of toadies on both sides of the isle claiming that the opposing candidate is the very spawn of Satan.  Enough already.  I've already "un-liked" several Facebook sites that basically just had these kinds of postings, as it's all just more pollution that I can do without. I did, however, leave the feed from Gary Johnson in tact.  I like this guy, even he stands a snowballs chance in Hell of winning.

Like I said, enough.  Let my own personal moratorium begin.  I'm standing firm against the temptation to engage in national partisan political debates.  The very act of arguing about Democrats vs. Republicans is like trying to argue about ice cream flavors.

Vacation...In news of the more pleasant, I'm leaving for vacation later today, with Lewes, Delaware being the destination for the next six days.  Plans include beach time, some fishing, plenty of reading, long walks, learning from the past, enjoying with gratitude the present and contemplating the future.  It's all good.

Blogging?  I'm not so sure.  Part of me wants to really disconnect for the week.  Practically speaking that will probably not be possible (as I need to be hair-line connected to work), but I can make the decision to keep any on-line connections to an absolute minimum.  I like taking the opportunities given to us from time to time to step away and take stock of the stuff we collect in life.  Bottom line?  I may not be on at all, or I may be on every day.  Who knows?  I'll let the ocean breeze tell me what to do.

It's no secret that this year's vacation is to the beach.  Neither Ms Rivers nor I have been to the beach in a long time, so it was an easy choice to be made months ago when we were hatching our plans.  I'll confess that my beach vacations have not historically been all that relaxing for me, but that was never because of the inherent nature of the beach/ocean.  The ocean was practically designed for someone like me, an almost perfect kind of place where you have things that appeal to all the senses: smelling the ocean, listening to the waves, seeing the sand stretch on, feeling the ocean breeze on your chin.  It's a place where life seems to permeate everything.

So here's to early morning walks, listening to the rough surf and just generally enjoying the simple but finer in things that life has to offer.


Gort said...

We will be in Rehoboth Saturday. While you are in Lewes check out Irish Eyes. It's at the end of the road by the drawbridge next to Anglers. It has an outdoor deck that you can watch the boats on the canal while you have dinner.

Stephen Albert said...

Thanks Gort...we may just do that. Love it down here BTW.