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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now Starting the 48th Year

In theory, with age comes wisdom.  Note the word "theory", as I've seen some glaring examples of where that isn't necessarily the case on either end of the spectrum.  Anyway, I am a year older so I should be a year wiser to boot.  So what has this wisdom taught me?  Well allow me to ponder.  Note that I'm not going to claim that this is all "new" or original stuff and or thought.

Forget Acid...The most corrosive thing in the universe is guilt.  Now I'm not claiming that all guilt is bad, but too much, especially when senselessly applied, certainly isn't healthy.  Be guilty if you steal something; don't be guilty if you fail to live up to someone unrealistic expectations.  Be guilty if you intentionally harm someone; don't be guilty for protecting yourself or those you love.

Have Fun...One of the smartest things I've heard in a long time comes courtesy of Ms Marshall, who told me "adults are allowed to have fun too".  Sounds simple, huh?  Well not so for me, as it has taken a long time, figuratively speaking, to realize this simple point.  No matter how old you are, fun should be a part of your life.  Don't know how to have fun?  Watch some kids and go from there.

Learn Baby Learn...Never stop learning, ever.  Your mind really is like a is healthiest when you exercise it frequently.

Take Calculated Risks...If you take no chances, you are guaranteed to fail.  Now this doesn't mean I'm advocating doing stupid things...hence the "calculated" part...but never the less it's important to reach beyond the comfort zone with some frequency.

Assuming the Worst...isn't necessarily the best or the wost strategy, but it should be done strategically.  Think about your assumptions and weigh them against an honest assessment of reality.  Weigh what both your head and your heart tell you.  Speaking of trusting your head vs. your heart...

Trust Your Head...All things being held equal, if you are conflicted between your head and your heart, trust your head.  Logic has the benefit of consistency, something that isn't always true with emotion.  Logic also helps you see beyond the rage or rapture that the heart has a tendency to instill on a situation.

Everyone Has A Story...No one has a perfect existence.  Those smiling folks you see walking around at the mall? Chances are their existence is as messed up as yours...maybe even more so.  Never assume that the world is full of happy people and your are somehow the odd one out.

Don't Assume...that your life is somehow all mapped out for you, be it for good or otherwise.  It is amazing how unpredictable your life can become when you least expect it.

You Don't Have The Answers...No matter how smart, insightful, skilled or otherwise clued in you may be, you simply don't have all the answers.  At best shoot for having a few good questions.

Appreciate The Small Stuff...We walk around consumed by all these big issues that plague our lives, and in doing so we miss so many small, wonderful things.  

Have A it a dog or a cat.  Nothing helps you feel more appreciated than a small creature that relies on you for food, shelter and companionship.

Read Poetry..,Poetry is one of those wonderful paradoxes of the universe whereby a collection of words creates something that is far greater than the sum total of the individual parts.

Just Do...Sometimes when my head is swirling about me and I'm lost in a fog of indecision, it helps to just start doing something. Be it cleaning, organizing files, or whatever, sometimes the best therapy involves some action.

Be The Master Of You...Don't believe that others, be they friends, family or any individuals, have some magical power over you.  Only you control you because only you have to live within your own skin.  Certainly think of others, certainly be charitable, certainly care, but at the end of the day, never forget that you have a responsibility to be in charge of, and take of, yourself.  No one else will do this for you.

The World Is (Mostly) Gray...Forget all those idiots who see everything as being black or white.  I think there is far more gray out there than anything else. 

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