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Monday, October 25, 2010

Road Apples, #79

Routines...Routines are a funny, funny thing.  We curse them as part of the bane of boredom and creators of stagnation, but it's amazing how much of an impact changing them has on us.  Right now I'm a test case in routine change, and there have been times when it's been nothing short of nerve rattling.  Yet there is this certain refreshing aspect to it all.  It's like sticking your toe in the pool water, feeling that it's cold, but yet you move the rest of your body into the water anyway.

It's the Little Things...that sometimes unnerve and piss you off.  Right now I can't type and watch TV at the same time, as my TV is behind me.   It's irritating and surprisingly stressful.  Must have been one of those routines. 

Political Blogging & the Ironic...NEPA's favorite local blogger (or maybe it was Gort...I forget) once told me that if you write about politics at all you are automatically considered to be a "political blogger".  So I guess that's where I fall; maybe saying that Tom Corbett looks like Leslie Nielsen wasn't such a great idea after-all.  Anyway, what's the ironic part?  For all of the political stuff I've written about or pondered, since I recently moved I didn't get a change to change my voter registration.  Translation:  I really can't vote in this next election. That's okay, as rumor has it that a certain local political message board administrator almost never votes, despite the arrow slinging. 

Speaking of Politics...I have a feeling that Dan Onorato is going to make this a very close election.  What makes me thing that way?  Because my uber-conservative brother Chris, a guy who thinks Limbaughness is next to godliness, is going to vote for Mr  Onorato.  Why?  Simple...The current AG's very unreasonable stand of natural gas drilling taxation (re:  none).  I know that Pennsylvania's "like clockwork" swings between Dems and the GOP for the governor's mansion basically gives the election to Leslie (I mean Tom), but if my brother is voting for him, maybe miracles are possible.

Vonage...I am officially joining the ranks of the VOIPed.  I figure I need to make good use of all this cable Internet bandwidth.  We shall see how the experiment works out. 

The Day the Earth Stood Still...My youngest daughter had to watch this movie (the original...not the one with that Ted starred in) as part of her Cold War history class.  I was kind of proud of that actually, as there were more contemporary movies she could have watched.  The best part?  She really liked the movie, although she complained that the special effects looked "cheesy".  Fair enough, although the effects on 2001 looked dated as well, and they are light years ahead of The Day the Earth Stood Still

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