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Friday, October 29, 2010

I've Heard It Said...

...that human beings have an almost infinite capability to change and adapt.  This is how we, and we alone, ended up dominating our planet (although you could argue we haven't been Earth's most successful species:  that probably goes to ants or cockroaches or Norway rats).  Given the mechanics of modern life and how we all fall into patterns of behavior, I wonder how we ever survived so far.  Then again I'm probably putting too much of myself into the "typical" bucket of humanity.  For all I know I could be the "blip", the one who is an abhors change.

Well whether I actually abhor it...but put on a good front...or actually carefully embrace it doesn't mater.  Why?  Because sometimes changes almost becomes this necessity, pain and difficulty aside.  The way I feel now is like the climber looking up at the peak of Mt Everest from down below, knowing that the journey is long and perilous (about 150 people have died climbing the mountain), but yet I'm compelled to climb anyway.  Sometimes I'm energized by the climb, other times I'm tired by it, still other times I just climb anyway, knowing that progress (in climbing mountains or moving forward in your life) sometimes requires a certain blind determination.  Maybe this is faith, maybe this is fate.  I'm not sure.

As for me, my mountain isn't quite so dangerous, at least not physically.  Unlike the a real mountain though, I don't necessarily know what's at the top of this climb.  I can imagine, and I am certainly have real hopes, but it's still that "undiscovered country" that both invigorates and frightens at the same time.  The toughest part isn't the actual climbing though, for me the toughest part has been, and will continue to be all of the feelings associated with simply making the journey.  Did I wait too long to start?  Am I equipped for it?  Both questions create a certain level of anxiety for me.  Yet though the answer to both questions is pretty simple:  it doesn't matter (because I'm making the climb anyway). 

Here's to big rocks looming in front of you, here's to fear, and here's to the undiscovered country.  Regardless, I'm climbing up.

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