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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Will Sarah Palin Go To Louisiana and Proclaim "Drill Baby Drill!"?

I think she should.

Disaster Looms As Oil Slick Closes on US Coast

Or perhaps she will proclaim that this is all some plot by the Obama Administration. Regardless, this horrible pending tragedy is proof that complex issues like energy independence can't be boiled down to asinine slogans like "drill baby drill!".


J Curtis said...

And what is the preferable alternative? Lick the boots of our Saudi masters and support terrorism against us?

One accident does not a series make.

"The more than 4,000 oil and natural gas platforms operating in U.S. waters have an outstanding safety and environmental record. U.S. offshore exploration and production are among the most heavily regulated activities in this country and meet what could easily described as the world’s most stringent government regulations and industry standards....

U.S. operators participate in voluntary safety and environmental management programs, in cooperation with the MMS and the Coast Guard. The result is that before a single drop of oil is removed from beneath the seabed, an offshore platform will have met some of the most rigorous environmental standards ever devised." Link

Anonymous said...

This JD Curtis guy is a real work of art.