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Friday, April 30, 2010

Response to JD Curtis

JD Curtis was kind enough to reply to my post about resigned Alaska Governor Sarah Palin & the real disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (link HERE), but I think he missed the point of my post. Here's something a bit more direct...



I agree with your premise that there are few realistic alternatives to drilling for oil.

The above noted, my point was that the issues at play here...

...the need for energy to grow an economy
...the need to protect natural resources for future generations
...the economy that relies on the environment (such as fishing)

...CAN NOT be boiled down into an asinine, ridiculous, insultingly simplistic catch-phrase like "Drill Baby Drill!". Palin actually made that phrase something of a centerpiece for her campaign, which (in addition to being asinine, ridiculous & overly simplistic) has now taken on an almost ironically insulting flair.

Put another way, current events prove that some issues simply aren't sound-bytes, despite Palin's apparent ability to only speak the sound-byte language.

Palin should stick to something she actually knows something about, like teaching abstinence to teenagers.

PS...would you expect the American Petroleum Institute to publish something that was constructively critical of the oil/gas industry? Seriously, would you? Come on man, your reference was akin to the financial services industry touting their ethical standards...namely that they may have the facts right, but those facts...and the API's objectivity...could probably be questioned by a reasonable person.


J Curtis said...


I'm honored. Really. Before we get into the brass tacks of this issue, it would appear that something went a bit "viral" over at my blog.

On a typical day, I get 20+ hits on my blog and 30+ on a good one.

I had between 200-300 yesterday and the numbers keep growing. It seems to have something to do with the catastrophe of an oil slick in the Gulf that I posted this morning. Check it out. Link.

Some site called cited me as a reference and the traffic has been noticeable.

J Curtis said...

I'll check back later...

J Curtis said...

Sorry Steve, got a little busy there.

I'll respond in kind, I think you raise a valid question and I would like to respond with a measured, informed entry.

I'll post it on my blog. Energy is an important issue, on that we can all agree.

And even a blind man could agree that when one guy is posting on another chap's blog at a ratio of about 14:0, then maybe it's time for the other one to comment on the competing blog. Wouldnt you think agree?