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Friday, April 9, 2010

Road Apples, #62

Judge Joan Orie Melvin...should resign from the State Supreme Court if allegations that her family strong-armed legislative staffers to help in her campaign are true. The full story is HERE, but I'm thinking that more is coming out on this case. Note that this isn't a Democrat "gotcha", as there are plenty of instances where Democrats have done precisely the same thing (and God only knows just what Senator Mellow has done over the years). Once again it appears that politicians used OUR MONEY as if it were their own.

Cars...Well I'm moving forward with getting another car. With a second daughter in college, I'm going to need one, so while I don't like spending money this time it can't be avoided. I find this kind of thing to be very stressful, the part being spending money. I actually like the notion of researching vehicles, etc, and I've already been doing some of that.

Cars, Part II...I'm still not sure what I ultimately want to get. I have a certain amount of money that would allow me to get a decent used car, or I could go and use that money towards a new car. I don't want to have another payment to deal with, but the single most important thing for me at this stage is to have something that will be reliable and not cause me constant mechanical stress. I need less of that sort of thing, not more. As a result, I've pretty much given up on American made cars for this go-around. I love my 2005 PT Cruiser, but it's just had too many different things break before they should, so I've pretty much learned my lesson about American car quality. The quality of the Korean made cars (Hyundai and Kia) is better than the American made stuff, and they have incredible warranties, so I may go that route. I actually did own a Hyundai years ago, and it was a pretty decent car. Maybe I'll go that route or maybe I'll visit the Kia dealership that isn't all that far from my house. Regardless, I'll probably have this whole mess figured out by the end of the month.

Ray Musto Gets Raided...This story is all over the news (including HERE). In a way this is kind of sad: the Feds are now doing what voters in this areas should have done years ago, namely weeding out the self-serving politicians that believe they had an entitlement to public money. I don't know Ray Musto, but I do know this: when the FBI comes to your house with a search warrant, then they at least think that maybe you're implicated in something.

This Past Week...has been long. I was in Hartford yesterday, so that made for a 13 your day. I also have tons of things to try and accomplish today, none of which are getting done while I sit here any type this. On that note it's away I go to earn a living.


Tom Borthwick said...

Get a MiniCooper! Cheap, VERY fuel-efficient, and German-made these days.

And they are awesome.

Anonymous said...

You know what Steve?

The way I see it- it is a matter of five on one hand, half of ten on the other.

A used care equals no payments, yet you are also buying someone else's problem. A new car means payments, but you should not have problems with it before you have it paid off. (Depending on how long you finance it for.)

Good luck in your decision!

Father Dave Bechtel

Stephen Albert said... are the MiniCoopers in snow? Rumor has it that answer is "not good".

Father Bechtel...I'm actually thinking of going with a "certified used" sold by the dealer with an extended, dealer-backed warranty. That seems to be a good compromise between new and used. I have a few weeks to figure it out, but spending any money is stressful for some reason. If I only had the riches of the Vatican at my disposal! (THAT'S A JOKE!!!!)