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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Exile on Corona Street, Day 9

(because we all need a reminder)

You know, the least that the cosmos can do for us during this time of forced shut-in is to not make it miserable outside.  Today has been a pretty overcast & gloomy day in Northeastern Pennsylvania, with temperature in the low 40's and a perpetual sense of drizzle in the air.  I know, you could argue that the reverse, as in it being really nice outside, would be worse, but I disagree...there is nothing preventing any of us from going outside and enjoying the fresh air.  As long as we stay outside and keep at least 6 feet away from others.

As for me, I did go outside today, mostly to take some measurements for an outdoor project that I'll be starting soon.  I've got the time.  See yesterday

I had wanted to start these postings with some news of the pandemic crisis, but honestly, why make it worse?  What I will provide, of interest to my fellow Pennsylvania residents, are the following links:

You can add these to the Guardian/Johns Hopkins University excellent overall United States coverage (link HERE) if you want to keep up with the numbers.  

Among other news of note, there is conflicting information about how Covid-19 may interact with  Ibuprofen products, leading some to say that Acetaminophen may be the better choice to manage aches, pains and the like (reference HERE).  If you don't have Acetaminophen/Tylenol in your home, you may want to get some.  We didn't have any*, so there was a purchase made yesterday.  I really should be using Acetaminophen/Tylenol all the time, as it easier on the entirety of my digestive system, but Ibuprofen works better.  Anyway, go get some Tylenol, before the mad hordes start to hoard it.

Bouncing back to home, and in the news of the pedestrian and ironic, I'm getting the parts tomorrow needed to set up dual monitors at home.  This was for all the working at home I will was going to be doing.  I'm still going to set it up, as it's yet one more thing to tinker with and add to my technical resume.  On a more serious note, others have tried to convince me of the merits of dual monitors, but the last 9 months have truly shown me the light.  If you want less paper in your work life, go the dual monitor route.  

Lastly, now more than ever we need music.  More music.  Right before I started typing, this song just happened to appear in my head...

...which given the situation in New York City seems all the more fitting.  Here's to hoping that the lights go back on before too long.

Oh, and hey, let's be careful out there.

(*) In fact, I have some in my former work office, in a desk drawer.  Unfortunately, I can't access it at the moment, as I'm still working on the mechanics of collecting my (former) office stuff.

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