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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Things a 51 year old white guy learns (from Mediatakeout's Facebook feed)

Mediatakeout on Facebook

In no particular order, for no particular reason.

  • However many rappers you think exist is wrong; take that number and multiply it by about 125 to get a more accurate count.
  • There are a lot of fights in fast food establishments.
  • Someone named "Meek Mill", who is from Philadelphia, is having a feud with rapper Drake, who is from Degrassi High.
  • Rappers have a shelf life somewhat shorter than that of your average can of tuna.
  • Every single fight in every single school is now recorded via cell phone video.
  • "Atlanta Housewives" is a real thing.  And they fight too, just not in fast food establishments.
  • Rapper Rick Ross is different than Rap Mogul Suge Knight.  
  • Spelling isn't being taught in schools, and auto correct is apparently broken.
  • 'Lil Wayne is apparently very sad these days.
  • Never, ever wear your weave to a fight.
  • BAE does not stand for "British Aerospace Marconi Electronic Systems", rather I think it means boy/girl friend.
  • The young folks love to fight on Twitter (as well as in fast food establishments).
  • There is genuinely some sad stuff going on in the world today.

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