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Monday, November 23, 2015

Speaking Fear for Power

Few things actually disgust me in life, but the trajectory of the 2016 Presidential campaign is getting close.  I speak specifically of some candidates who seem to spend most of their time talking about everything we need to be afraid of, including and especially immigrants and those who are of a different religion.

It's all so very disheartening, and yet it's at this time that I'm reminded of a a prayer I learned as a child.  Fitting, especially, for those candidates who claim the mantle of Christianity, and yet don't seem all that interested in acting very Christ-like.

So for those who would turn away the sick and the disheartened...all in the name of acquiring personal political power...the best that I can offer is the following.

I confess to getting too wrapped up in these very poisonous debates.  I'm going to work hard, very hard, at keeping myself out of this moral cesspool.  I'm not going to argue with anyone who makes the choice to bring more injury, more doubt, more despair, more darkness, more sadness into the world.  I will, though, remind some that these are choices.

Life is too short, and I'm not inclined to even utter the names of those who, by their very actions, defile the word "Christian".

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