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Saturday, November 7, 2015

I wish I had a dime for...

...every time I've hit my head in an attic, basement or other low-ceiling place.  The top of my head feels like a lunar landscape.

...every time I've told myself "okay, it's your day off, so you're going to do something fun, right?" and then proceeded to do a lot of things...none of which were fun.

...every time I've said "I will not put off reading for school", while I instead write blog postings.

...every time I've planned to get to bed by 10pm.

...every time I've promised myself that the next time I felt like I was in a mental funk I was going to do ______________ (insert any one of a dozen different things, strategies, etc.), none of which I ever end up doing anyway.

...every time I've told myself "you don't need more socks" and "it's not necessary to have a year's supply of Avon men's deodorant on hand" as I start looking at socks and order 16 more deodorants.  In my defense, I really like...and highly recommend...Avon deodorant.

...every time I've promised myself to not start reading a new book until after I've finished the current book.

...every time I've said that I don't really care about blog hits, right before I check my blog hits.

...every old picture of Jesus I've seen that that makes Him kinda, sorta, look like Superman.

(actual framed picture from the Antique Mall, Plains, PA)

(from THIS site)

For the record, most serious scholars believe that Jesus actually looked like this...
(from THIS site)

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