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Friday, April 3, 2015

My Remedy for the Mess in Indiana

Here is my official re-write of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Section 1 - The Church Clause
No church or member of a clergy should ever be "forced" to officiate at a wedding that violated the rules, dogma, teachings or tradition of their sect.  Catholics should't be forced to marry Protestants, Muslims shouldn't be forced to marry Jews, Baptists shouldn't be forced to marry gay couples, Gay Church clergy should not be forced to marry straight couples, Moonies shouldn't be forced to marry just one couple, etc.

(Subsection 1) If a religion operates a not-for-profit business that only serves members of that sect, well then they can discriminate all they want.  If they serve others, as in any others, well then they actually have to serve others, as in all others.

Section 2 - The Public Market Clause
If you run a for-profit business in the public market, where you get all of the benefits of being in that public market, then you have to serve anyone in that public market who:

a) comes to buy your product/service
b) is of sound mind/body and is legally able to enter into a transaction
c) has the money to pay for your product/service

The only color that matters is green, the only orientation that matters is the one that spends money.

Section 3 - The Lawyer Clause
A merchant selling something doesn't equate to that same merchant endorsing the actions of their customer.  For example, a cupcake store that sells cupcakes to an ambulance chasing lawyer doesn't mean that the cupcake store owners endorse ambulance chasing; instead it just means that they endorse selling cupcakes.

Section 4 - Legal Remedy Clause
If you violate any of the rules noted above, then you can get sued, ridiculed, mocked on social media and just generally receive your comeuppance.

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