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Monday, April 6, 2015


I don't use the word "brilliant", as in a description of something exceptionally clever or talented, very often.  It's a good description though for the blog/website PostSecret.

The premise behind PostSecret is pretty simple:  People send in postcards containing things they are otherwise afraid to say in the real world.  I imagine that actually sending a secret to the PostSecret people is, in some way, therapeutic for the folks that participate.  For those that read the secrets, it's a mixture of fascination and cringe.  I've been reading the secrets for a while now, and what I've read has done everything from causing me sorrow to literally wanting to give my computer screen a high-five.

It is, as I previously noted, brilliant.  Do yourself a favor and check out PostSecret.  In addition to the link, above, you can find it on the listing of favorite blogs on this site.

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