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Saturday, October 18, 2014


This is the 1600th posting to this blog since I started it back on  October 27, 2008.  Now to be technical about things, I have not published 1600 postings; the actual number of published postings is 1579.  The difference represents draft postings, some of which might actually and eventually make it to the light of day.   I'll also add that over the years I may have deleted 2-3 postings.

This equates to an average of about:

  • 266 postings per year
  • 22 postings per month
  • 5 postings per week

I'll note that the weekly number is highly suspect, as it seems like (especially over the past year) I am not posting nearly that much.

Anyway, it's still nice to acknowledge milestones, even if it only means something to me.

Here are a few lessons learned in the course of those 1600 postings.

Popularity:  I can greatly increase my traffic through the use of certain magic words and names in my posting titles.  Which ones?  Well these, for starters:  Limbaugh, Introvert, Scranton School District, and the name of the current sitting mayor of Scranton.  This kind of posting, by the way, is guaranteed to be not so popular.

Traffic Sources:  Google.  Period.  End of sentence.  I'll also add that using a German word or two in posting titles greatly increases my German traffic.  I know, "Thank you Herr Obvious".

Intelligentsia:  Sadly, I am not all that popular with the turtleneck wearing crowd, as 82% of my traffic comes from people using a Windows-based operating system.  Only about 8% comes from a Mac.  iOS adds about another 2%.  Maybe I should knock off the comments about how "Steve Jobs in burning in Hell now, being tormented by the souls of all the Foxconn employees who committed suicide while making iProducts".

Comments:  If I want to generate lots of comments, all I have to do is state an obvious truth or two, such as how slavery was wrong and how the Confederate battle flag is a racist symbol.  Note that I do not moderate comments, but I have threatened to  block comments from anonymous trolls who talk a good game but in the end lack the courage of their convictions.  #Truth.

In the end, this continues to be fun, so I don't see stopping.  Here's to 1600 more.

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