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Friday, April 25, 2014

Road Apples, #148

Hulu...I confess, while I don't watch a lot of network/cable television, I have been enjoying Hulu lately.  My two favorite guilty pleasures?  Old episodes of Space:1999 (gotta love a show made in the past, set in the future which is now the past) and a new show called "The 100".

Books...I am currently trying to read Eternal Life:  A New Vision by John Shelby Spong, but the going is tough.  I enjoy reading his column, and I like the subject matter, but I just have a tough time with his writing style in this longer format.  I'll keep at it for a bit, but knowing things will probably peter-out eventually, I ordered two new books:
  • Return to Order - Basically, as I understand it, a kind of Catholic prosperity gospel kind of thing.  The book also lauds the middle ages as being this kind of wonderful time in human existence.  Yes, apparently the days of feudal lords, serfdom, rampant disease, not really living past 40 unless you were a king were kinda great (in some folk's minds).  For the record, I purchased a used version of the book, so as not actually support the work of the group that put the book out.
  • Papal Bull:  An Ex-Catholic Calls Out the Catholic Church - Since I have been listening to a militant right-wing Catholic radio station lately, I figured the other side needed equal time in my head.
It's a kind of a yin/yang deal.
Jack in the musician.  I don't get it.  He kind of looks like a Johnny Depp cloning experiment gone awry.  I've tried to like the music, but alas, that isn't working either.  I get that he is a good guitar player, but I don't see where it goes from there.  Maybe I'm just not nearly cool enough.

Day before in today is the day before I turn 50 years old.  Years ago, I would take the day of my birthday off and plant flowers.  It was as much a Spring ritual as it was a birthday ritual.  I like flowers, and I like Spring, so it seemed to be a reasonably relaxing thing to do.  I didn't do that for the past few years for a variety of reasons. Today that changes, as I now own a home again and there is plenty of room for flowers.  Unfortunately the weather is still a bit cool, but never the less I am at least going to get some flower planting done.

Speaking of 50...I think that, for me, it's a perfect time to have something of a "milestone" birthday.  While life continues to throw challenges (at me, at you, at everyone) I do find that I am now better equipped to deal with the things that come my way.  Age and experience at work I suspect.  Since I plan on living a lot longer, my plan at this stage is to make the previous 50 years the preparation for the next 50 years.  Put another way, all that has happened before was intended to get me to where I am now, and now is the time to start taking advantage of what life has to offer.  I will not be perfect, but I will at least be comfortable in my own skin.  And that's okay.  The Traveling Wilburys summed it up well...

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