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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Days Ahead

Monday 12/02 - "normal" work day.  I was supposed to leave the office this afternoon to travel for a class that starts tomorrow morning, but I decided that less time away is better, so I'm leaving tomorrow morning.  Kudos to my VP who basically said I could cancel the class attendance if I needed to on account of the closing(s).

Tuesday 12/03 - Business travel.  Up at something like 4:30am and on the road by 5:30.  With any luck I will be back in Scranton by 8pm.  The joys and glamour of business travel.  Oh, and since I hoped organize this particular class, I think I will have some hosting responsibilities.

Wednesday 12/04 - "normal" work day, and I think my calendar is packed.

Thursday 12/05 - The great clean-n-move-out.  This is the day when I finish moving out all my stuff and get the house ready for Friday's closing.  It's also the day when JeanLuc the cat starts his 8 or 9 day kitty vacation at Springbrook Kennels & Pet resort.  I don't expect either one of us will be happy about it.  The day will probably start early and will no doubt end late.  I have a feeling that when all is said and done I'll need an Advil drip.

Friday 12/06 - Closing on this house & my official week of homelessness begins (wave to me as you pass under the Davis Street Bridge on I81).  I have to talk to the attorney about logistics, but I am hoping that I don't have to be there for the actual house closing.  I do have the day off from work, and seeing as though I already have a ton of days off from work to spare, I will probably keep it.  Some time will probably be spent fully preparing for the next closing.

Saturday 12/07 - Traveling to Philadelphia to see Chris' nieces participate in Lucia Fest at Old Swede's Church. I will be nice to get a way for the day.

Sunday 12/08 - An actual day of rest.  Maybe I will cook.  Generally speaking I hate cooking, but there are times when it is both necessary and almost therapeutic.

Monday 12/09 - A day off.  I had scheduled this day off a while ago, basically in anticipation of my house closing date changing.  With all signs pointing to a closing on the upcoming Friday, I'm hoping to actually get some Christmas shopping done.  Despite everything else going on, apparently Christmas is still on for this year.

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