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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


...motivation.  I just don't have much of it.  Now last night I could blame the 3:30am attack of stomach sludge that made its way up through my throat.  Gross, but it has the benefit of being true.  Didn't Keith Moon or Bonzo Bonham or some other drummer die of such a thing?  Oh, that was related to drinking.  Never mind, as mine is more related to eating too much fatty food and a nasty case of GERD. Besides, I don't drink...alcohol.

I could also blame the sheer bulk of stuff I have to do at work, because that also has the benefit of being true.  It's nice to be valuable, until that value exceeds your capacity to deliver it.  I'll get over it, but my Catholic guilt is in overdrive.  Yes, it even applies to work.  Especially to work.  No wonder they've kept me all these years.

I could blame the holidays, but that's not neither fair nor accurate.  I actually like Christmas.  I always have as a matter of fact.  Holiday depression is for people that don't have a family.  Or a significant other.  Or a cat.  I have all three categories covered as a matter of fact.

Maybe I can blame the "fiscal cliff", as that's the thing to do these days.  Nah, that would be just stupid.  You  know, like the whole "fiscal cliff" thing in the first place.

No, I suspect that there is no one to blame here.  The very concept of "blame" is so very pedestrian anyway.  More likely than anything else, I just need to get off my butt.

And now for something completely different:  Raj from the Big Bang Theory meets Siri...

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