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Monday, December 17, 2012

Apathy towards greed and corruption in NEPA

While reading a posting of Gort's a few moments ago, I had something of an epiphany:  maybe the reason why there is so much corruption in NEPA is because many here secretly want to partake of it themselves.

Tony Soprano would describe it as wanting "a taste".

It's something of a viscous circle in a lot of ways:  the economy in NEPA has always been bad, therefore jobs are hard to come by.  The solution?  Turn a blind eye when that school board member or businessman skirts the law in the hope that maybe you will be able to, in turn, get a "favor" from them.  Maybe it's a teaching job for your son or daughter.  Maybe it's something else.  Does it really matter?

The above explains quite a bit in the local school board & Bob Mellow departments.  This theory would be ripe for actual study by a local college or university.  Any takers out there?

Regardless, evil exists in part because good turns a blind eye, and in NEPA many a blind eye has been turned over the years.  Let's hope our children learn better.

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