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Monday, June 4, 2012

Sandusky & the painful part of justice

Jerry Sandusky's accusers must use their real identities in court.

Article link HERE.

The cheap-n-easy argument here is that the accusers should be allowed to be anonymous, but in my opinion that's simply not okay.  As painful as it might be for the victims, I simply have a tough time with the concept that  anyone can be accused of such a horrible crime in court by an anonymous party.  Yes, I get it, very few individuals would want to stand in a court and admit being raped, particularly by someone of the same sex.  However female victims of sexual assault routinely have to face their attackers in court and be subject to cross examination.  None of this is pretty, but in my non-legal mind it is an essential control to guard against false accusations.

My personal opinion of Jerry Sandusky's guilt or innocence is not all that important.  What is clear to me though is that Penn State's football program was painfully broken, as at a minimum it created a culture where questionable behavior was not allowed to be questioned.  Ironically Jerry Sandusky's lawyers will be able to question accusers in court, even as Jerry Sandusky's conduct was apparently was little-to-never questioned over the course of a decade or more at Penn State.

More dark times for my alma mater.

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