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Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Blog Header

I try not to get excited about "internal blog workings" stuff, as for the most part most folks don't care.  In fact I don't really care all that much, a point I have repeated often times in this blog.  Anyway, I bought a copy of Photoshop Elements a few weeks ago, and I have to confess that it makes the process of creating new blog header photos much, much easier.  That translates to me changing them more often, as my limited span of attention applies to what I see as equally as it does to what I do.

The above noted, I did create a new blog header this morning.  All of my blog headers, by the way, are based on photos that I've taken in one place or another.  I really, really enjoy photography.  I don't claim to be great at it, but I will say that I do get compliments from time to time.  This new header is of a garage in Wyncote, Pennsylvania.  The combination of the greenery contrasting with the black of the roof was nice from a color perspective, and the addition of the canoe was just a clincher for me.  It screams "summer".  The folks that own the garage...and the canoe as well...are great folks as well.

Here's the pre-edited photo...

The garage was built into the side of a hill and it has a stone exterior.  My guess is that it is well over a hundred years old.

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