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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Road Apples, #126

Home Improvement Mission Creep...I doubt that this is unique to me, but whenever I start a home improvement project I inevitably have to fight the urge to let home improvement mission creep set in.  Case in point:  I decided to paint my kitchen door.  This caused me to want to remove all the hardware from the door.  Then I figured that I should remove the molding from around the glass on the inside.  Then I figured that I should get new molding.  Then I figured that I would need to use my table saw to cut the molding.  Then I figured that, well, I really needed a new outlet on the back patio in order to run the table saw.  Detecting a pattern here?  Anyway, the door is stripped down for the most part and I now have a new outlet and light on the back patio.

Conversation with my Conservative Brother...Brother:  "...but George Soros!".  Me:  "Tell me, when it comes down to brass tacks, how is George Soros any different than just one of the Koch brothers?".  Brother:  "Who?".  I guess Rush doesn't mention the Koch Brothers all that often (put another way, million/billionaires are only a problem when they support the other side). Personally it bothers me that million/billionaires of any political leanings can pump so much money into elections.  But hey, if a corporation is really a person (thanks Supreme Court) that can make contributions, then so too should million/billionaires.

Blogging Units...seem to be in short supply these days.  Same old story:  I actually have something of a life, and when I am not busy living it, I am usually too tired to write.  There could be worse problems afflicting me these days.  You know, like THIS.  All told, I'll gladly accept my lack of blogging productivity as a cost of doing the business of life these days.

Proud Father Department...I have a daughter staring a new job in Kansas City, MO.  I have another daughter starting a paid internship at Johns Hopkins University this summer.  I have a daughter working her butt off on a full time job over the summer break.  All told?  I think I've participated in some okay parenting.

Corey Booker...a somewhat over-blown but still up-and-coming mayor, is learning the hard way that big time politics is no place for amateurs.  Story link HERE.  I want to like Corey Booker.  I really, really do. I think he has some great ideas, and he is a guy who really does get his hands dirty on the job.  But you know something?  Newark is still an unsafe place, and there is still a ton of blight in the city.  In the end results count.

Speaking of Results...I am sick and tired of hearing politicians such as State Senator John Blake talk about how devastating the Corbett administration budgets cuts have been on social services and education.  Talk is cheap, but unfortunately it seems also to be the chief product of politicians.  It's time to hold the feet of politicians to the fire:  produce some results, period.  Off the ideology bandwagons, work together across party lines and get some $hit done!!  I get it Senator Blake, the budget cuts are doing damage.  Now can you kindly do something about it?  We pay you an awful lot of money...far too much to simply tell us what we already know to be true.

Silly Milestone Department...I finally have 100 Facebook "friends".  Quotes on purpose.  Yes, so what if half are politicians...and businesses...and small northeastern Pennsylvania cities.  They still count as friends, right?  Now one of these days I have to get to work on sprucing up my LinkedIn profile.  Next step:  get Ms Rivers on LinkedIn.

Alboscov - An Interesting Website...Link HERE.  Lesson #1:  If you are in the public eye, it is probably worth the investment to buy the URL that is also the same as your name.  Just saying.

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