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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Comment, Posting "Intolerance from the Left"

Justin Vacula took the time to comment on one of my recent postings, so I was kind enough to email him a reply.  Never being one to let go an opportunity to recycle content, I'm going to turn both comments into a new post.

Original Posting HERE.

Justin's comment:
I think you missed a joke that was going on here. "I believe" is a song from "The Book of Mormon" (musical). :)

My reply, via email:
Justin...I am not sure if this will make it as a blog comment but so be it as I haven't had the chance to get online yet.  Anyway & to your point, I was well aware of the reference to the Broadway doesn't matter. Period.  

Sure, used solely within the context of "art" (quotes on purpose) I get it.  What I don't agree with is this kind of thing being used within the context of political discourse.  Come on my friend, you do know that is the purpose here.  Simply put, mocking someone's religious beliefs to score political points is just would be just as wrong if someone mocked your lack of religious beliefs if you were running for office.  

This graphic hasn't just been used to get chuckles...or promote the artistic work of has been used to not-so-indirectly say that Mittens is disqualified for office because of his religion. I say that is BULLS***!  His religion isn't that much more messed up than that of others...and I say this as someone who has read extensively about the LDS church (and actually spent time in Salt Lake City and interviewed members of the Church).

Keep blasting...Steve

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Justin Vacula said...

I hope to follow up at some point. Thanks, though, for posting the comment.