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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Road Apples, #1

Just a few miscellaneous thoughts floating around in my head at the moment:

5 Days Until The Election...and the end of "_________ is evil and kills babies" commercials. Personally I could not be happier. I'm tired of the smearing, the gutter-sniping and the fear mongering. Please candidates, give us reasons to vote for you, not simply against your opponent.

My Brother Got Another Cat...which means that he now has more than I do. Alas, the mantle of "weird cat person" passed from me to him. Score!

I Hate "Fun" Activities At Work...which is what this happening all week. I will not wear "wacky socks" today. I did not wear a team jersey on Tuesday. I refuse to dress up as a pirate tomorrow. Am I the only one that still just wants to go to work to actually work, with the prospect of coming home at a reasonable hour?

It's October...but it feels like December outside. I want my damn global warming, and I want it now!

Every Month...I am supposed to have an update with the person my Director reports to. The odds are about 50:50 that it actually happens. This month's meeting has been rescheduled something like thee times already. I feeling lucky today? If this actually goes down, maybe I should play the lottery.

I Take Halloween Off...every year. Without failing. In years past it was so that I could see my kids participate in the Halloween parade at school. Now it's just another fall day to stock up on some mental health. Tomorrow is no exception, although I do have to run into the office for a conference call. As for tomorrow's plans, I may do some Christmas shopping.

In January I Will Have My 20th Anniversary With My Employer...which means three extra vacation days (I already have a tough time using them), a letter from the Chairman and some kind of gift from the firm. At my 10 year anniversary I got a pair of binoculars. The 20th should be pretty good. We shall see.

As I Am Writing This...I am also avoiding folding and packing my workout clothes, which I really need to start doing before I have to take the girls to school.

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