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Friday, October 31, 2008


I had written on Myspace a few weeks/months ago that I was interested in possibly changing the direction of my career at work. Well after waiting about a month from my second round of interviews, I finally got word yesterday that I didn't get the job in question. Interestingly enough, the people at work that knew I was interested in this were more shocked than I was that this didn't happen.

How do I feel about this?

Truth be told, I'm fine with the decision. While it would have been nice on some level to have a choice available, I really went into this mainly just to get some respect. As I may have mentioned somewhere, I was up for a promotion at work about a year or so ago and I was told that I had a genuine shot at it, despite my misgivings that I really didn't. Well that ended up with my not getting the promotion, and walking away with the feeling that it was important for me to interview in order to create the idea of an open process, but in reality I had no chance of getting the job (as in they had their eye on someone from the very beginning, as as I told this person afterwards "in order for me to have gotten that job, I would have had to have given the interview of my life...and you would have had to have shown up drunk for your interview"). But that's life.


No. I have a good job, I think I'm reasonably good at it, and I've always got the option of continuing to keep my eyes open for other opportunities. Life is far too short to wallow in the negative. Besides, I always try to focus my energies at things that I can control; wasting them on being bitter seems like a crime.

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