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Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello Blogspot!

Well, I finally did it. Yes, after years of blogging on various sites, I've decided to make for myself a more or less permanent place where I can write to my hearts content. In decided on the Blogspot page, I was thinking about a few different things:

First and foremost, I wanted to post "above board", meaning under my own name. I continue to frequent various message boards and blogs under various names, but something just told me that it's time to bring it all to light.

Second, I wanted something simple and easy to. Now after only one failed attempt, I've gotten blogspot to work.

Third, since I enjoy taking pictures, I wanted a place where I could incorporate them into postings.

So there you go. Now whether sixty people read this or six, it doesn't matter a bit to me. I don't generally write for anyone but myself. Now that might sound selfish, but so be it. As someone who at least tries to do for others (as a husband, father, friend, etc.), I think I'm entitled to at least this much of a selfish indulgence.

One final note: I'll probably also import a few select postings from my Yahoo360 page.

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