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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mark Your Calendars (Men): Saturday March 17th at 7pm

The Scranton Chapter...

(from THIS site)

...(also known as the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick) will hold it's annual (men only) banquet this Saturday, March 17th.

The fact that most of the men (only) in the room are Democrats adds just a dash of irony to the whole event.  If this were predominantly Republican event would there be moral outrage coming from all corners of NEPA?  Call me crazy, but I'm thinking that the answer is a resounding yes.

Now does the organization in question do good work?  I am sure that's the case.

Am I committing NEPA career suicide by event writing this post?  Maybe.

Will this post change anything?  A resounding no.

However, I do think this event speaks volumes about Northeastern Pennsylvania, particularly from the perspective of patriarchy, the over-sized influence of religion in the area, and a general resistance to change among local power brokers.   

I'll be waiting with bated breath for the glowing coverage of the event that no doubt be found in the Sunday edition of The Scranton Times.  Who knows?  Maybe that same edition will feature an outstanding editorial on the importance of having more women run for elected office in NEPA.

Note:  It's not just me; read a similar opinion in today's edition of the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader.


Michelle HD said...

Some of my friends in Wilkes-Barre are starting the groundwork to organize a Women's Irish Society thing. They plan to allow it to be inclusive to the men folk of the other organization. I am not Irish, so I have no skin in the game, but I think this is a good start.

Anonymous said...

Link to the TL article:

This is Michelle, BTW. My phone is being weird and won’t allow me to sign in to Google from Blogger.

Stephen Albert said...

Hello Michelle...I'm always thrilled when you comment, so thanks.

I wish your friends in Wilkes-Barre well. The biggest issue I really have with the Scranton event is that it's just one big "old boy network" event, one that typifies everything that's wrong with NEPA. It's the ultimate smoke-filled backroom. It's also widely promoted by a bunch of folks who claim to be Democrats but yet behave in a way that they would give massive amounts of $hit to if the event were attended mainly by Republicans. It's about maintaining "the way things are done around here"...just the kind of thing that been holding NEPA down for a hundred years.

Anyway, an event that celebrates culture...that celebrates forward thinking...that doesn't scream "cutting age of 1930 social norms" would be a wonderful addition to the area. Again, good luck to them!

- Steve