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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Road Apples, #139

Welcome back Gort...It was nice to see Gort return to some blogging activities on Monday.  You can read his posting HERE.  In addition to just being a Hell of a good guy overall, Gort was very supportive when I first started this blog, almost 5 years ago.  Here's to many more future postings.  Sadly, despite Gort's best efforts, I wasn't able to call into WILK this morning to talk about his posting.  The reason?  A combination of being too busy and a desire on my part to not offend WILK or it's audience.

Violence in Wilkes-Boro...Is it me or has there been an epidemic of violence in Scranton's smaller sister city lately?  The latest incident involved the shooting of two small children (story link HERE).  It's hard to fathom how anyone could live with themselves after having done something this horrible.

Speaking of looks like there will be more of it in Syria.  While there is no doubt that only a monster would use poison gas, I'm not sure why we, once again, need to be the world's police force.

The House Sale Department...Work continues in the home sale department.  No offers yet, but then again I have't planted the St Joseph statue yet.  It's a great house folks...BUY MY HOUSE!!  Link HERE.  The multi-list number is 13-3922.

VMA's...Complaining about trashy performances on MTV's Video Music Awards is like standing in the middle of a landfill and complaining about the smell:  it just comes with the territory.  The fact that so many people have been talking/complaining about the performances on the VMA's is probably "music" to the ears of the MTV executives.  By the way, in what alternate universe is a 32 year old entitled to "Lifetime Achievement" award?

Elysium...I watched this over the weekend.  Bottom line?  Recommended.  Matt Damon is convincing in a fairly gritty role.  Sharlto Copley is simply outstanding as the bad-guy "Kruger".  More on Kruger below...

This is the same guy who played the relatively meek Wikus van der Merwe in District 9.

Other health burning the candle at both ends, I really did manage to temporarily wreck my health.  Weeks of sleeping little, guzzling energy drinks to stay awake and then taking something to help me sleep at night took it's toll. The inevitable crash happened last weekend, as Ms Rivers and I traveled down to Wyncote to visit her parents.  Maybe it was being forced to relax, but I just felt horrible.  Tight chest, constantly feeling tired, and last weekend it included digestive problems.  Enough.  I'm glad to report that after having felt like crap last weekend, I've made the very conscious decision to pace myself better.  To get more sleep.  To swear off things that keep me awake and thing that put me to sleep.  Whatever will happen with the house sale will happen, but there's no sense in my killing myself in the process.

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