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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jesse Jackson Jr

Our favorite former absentee member of Congress has been formally charged with stealing campaign money for stuff other than campaigning.  You can read more about it HERE.

As I've noted here before, I don't consider the purchase of Micheal Jackson's fedora to be the worst crime that Rhyme Master Jesse's son committed.  For me, the bigger deal here is that Jesse Jr insisted on collecting his congressional salary while NOT representing the members of his own district.  Hell, he wouldn't even tell his constituents where he was during most of last year.  If his intent was to heal, then he should have resigned, period.  The citizens of his district deserved representation that he was paid to provide, but he did no such thing.  That's the real theft.

The joke in all of this though is the fact that Jesse Jr was actually re-elected.  Go figure.

Let's hope for a stiff sentence in this case of double theft...a sentence at least as stiff as a non-white collar criminal would get for stealing. 

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