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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random Thoughts (from the road)

This will be short, as the evolved 'hunt & peck' typing I use on my tablet is, at best, annoying.

Anyway, I am traveling this week, much to the disgust, I am sure, of my cat. I don't think he is all that fond of the cat-sitter. With travel on business comes a unigue set of challenges, which, after 23+ years of business traveling I have yet to master. Not that anyone who would care to look at me now would notice, as I try very much to fit in with the business travel crowd in terms of camouflage and customs. The one custom I can not mimic all that well though is all the mandatory socialization that comes with these types of things. Yes, facilitating an exercise in front of a large group of folks...most of whom I didn't know...yesterday was less stressful than the full team dinner I will participate in this evening. Such is file though, and as I tell myself all the time, Buger King counter help doesn't get to travel (translation: stop being so whinny Albert).

Wait, where are the 'Random Thoughts'? Well, in the spirit of compliance, here we go:

Motorcycles - last night, while driving to Hartford, I was passed on the right by a motorcycle. I was in the far right lane. He was on the shoulder of the road. It was 8:45pm. He was going 90 mph. It was a highway. Am I the only one who thinks that this sort behavior is idiotic? I was also passed by a pack of bikes before this incident that were traveling even faster, but at least they were not making their own lane.

Note to Andy Palumbo - Please do buy that new coat next year.

Primary Day in Illinois - Can Newt just fade into the sunset already? Does he just want to sell more books? If I promise to buy one will he just stop already? I ALMOST feel sorry for how pathetic his campaign had become.

Well I have to face the reality that my work day must now begin. Off to the races if you will.
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